The company offers monthly meetings for dance teachers and students of all styles. 

These meetings are held alternately in the six member venues of Scènes du Nord. The Network Grand Est is a space for exchanging practices, techniques and experiences, with the aim of exploring the world of dance and creating a network in Northern Alsace. 



- To offer dance teachers other aesthetics and other teaching approaches;

- To create a dance training network;

- Create encounters between teachers and students;

- Mobilise audiences and encourage them to travel throughout the region.


The encounters will focus on the reflection and technique of contemporary dance, with the aim of freely exploring the universes common to all dance languages:

- fluidity and breathing

- body support on the floor

- solid construction and stability of support for verticality and projection of gestures in space

- lines and lightness

- muscular structure and power

- management of a choreographic score written and proposed by the performers

- management of improvisation, dictated by the imaginary world.


This project is being run in partnership with the Scènes du Nord Alsace association as part of a three-year residency!



Information and registration for 2023/2024: 

Network students from 14 years old | Network adults have a confirmed dance practice


Dates : 

22 October 2023 at La Saline - Soultz-sous-forêts 

12 November 2023 at Espace Rohan - Saverne

10 December 2023 at La Nef - Wissembourg 

28 January 2024 at the Relais culturel in Haguenau 

4 February 2024 at the MAC in Bischwiller 

24 March 2024 at the Castine in Reichshoffen 

21 April 2024 at the Castine in Reichshoffen

5 May 2024 at the MAC in Bischwiller 


The Networks are free and take place on Sundays from 10am to 1pm. 


Attendance is compulsory at performances of the show "La Caravane Électrique", which will take place on 8 May in Bouxwiller, 9 May in Haguenau and 11 May in Wissembourg.