The CompagniaExpresso Forma association

The Company Ezio Schiavulli / Expresso Forma association, born from the union between plastic art and living spectacle, an artistic bond between Ezio Schiavulli (choreographer and performer, member of the International Dance Council, UNESCO) and Michele Ardito (plastic artist and performer).

The Company Ezio Schiavulli with the association Expresso Forma, accompanies the development of choreographic creation, dissemination, training, awareness and artistic education.

Several cities and departments of France hosted the Company in residence: city of Cholet-Pays de la Loire, city of Montelimar in the Drome, affiliated with 2009-'10-'11 with the General Council of the department of Seine-et-Marne, and in as such, the Company is the first in residence in the department with the partner cities of Tournan-en-Brie and Savigny-le-Temple. Supported by the cultural centers of «Les Passerelles» of Pontault-Combault, «Le Safran» by Brie-Comte-Robert, «L´espace Charles Vanel» by Lagny-sur-Marne. In January 2014, in residence at the «Center Développement Chorégraphique Les Hivernales» in Avignon (France).

The members of the Expresso Forma association:

President, Sidonie Lerer

Tresoriere, Jérôme Pissier

Gil interpreters:


Christine ROTSEN - Elena CIAVARELLA - Eric DEVILLER - Géraldine BOQUET - Jean JOAS

Jonathan BER - José Tomas HAVARRIA SCHELLHORN - Kevin BRUNEEL - Laurent JOAS

Loredana SAVINO - Marie RUAL - Morgan BOMIN - Nacime BENSALEM - Nikola KRIZKOVA

Noellie BORDELET - Philippe LEHBAR - Philippe MESIA - Sabine GAUTRAIN

Sylvain BRONDEL - Thomas MERCERON - Tiziana VITTO - Chloé FERSING - Adrien OUAKI

Tarek AITMEDDOUR - the musical group U’MUNACIDDE