Born in Bari in 1979. After graduating in industrial chemistry, he joined the Academy of Scenic Arts in Milan directed by Susanna Beltrami.


He continued his sixth year of training at the "London Contemporary of Dancing" completing his training at the "Aterballetto Dance Center". He then collaborated with several choreographers and directors: F. Branciaroli (Italy), S. Beltrami (Italy), L. Petrillo (Italy), M. Baldwin (Rambert Ballet - UK), Y. Alexandre (France), Blandini - Baptized (Teatro del Vento - France), Olivier Py (Grand Theater of Geneva - Switzerland), L. Hoche (France), L. Josefsson (Sweden), D. Drouard (France), Caroline Bo (France), F. Ounchiouene ( France), B.Agati (France).

 In 2007 he founded the association Expresso Forma - Compagnia Ezio Schiavulli. Today he is the head of this choreography and direction of 15 creations. Including "iMe and myself" for the Choreographic Center

National / Ballet du Rhin. He also teaches the contemporary technique "Physical Movement" in various European companies and training centers. From July 2013 he became a member of the International Dance Council - UNESCO.


The Physical Movement experiences all the possibilities of ground movement without the use of any muscular force, a work on the weight given by the force of gravity, on the spiral movement from the sagittal to the vertical plane. A careful focus on the positions of the supports of the hands and feet, the principles of the motor of movement. Attention to the bone and muscle structure of the dynamic movement;

Choreographic writing is the common thread, an evolution towards improvisation.