As part of the DRAC territorial residency in association with Les Scènes du Nord Alsace, the company, in partnership with the RiESCo Association in Bari, Italy, has for several years been offering an immersion course for young dancers in training and for dance teachers.


Combining pedagogy, research, training and creativity, a group of young Italian dancers and teachers from the Puglia region, from the Network Internazionale Danza Puglia ministerial project, and a group of young French dancers and teachers from the Grand Est region study together and share this special training time!


The courses offer a variety of educational encounters and exchange opportunities to enrich the training of the young participants and broaden their artistic horizons.


The week's training culminates in a public presentation of their work, in the theatre and in the city.

Similar training is offered to French and Italian teachers beforehand.


Since 2022, this project has been developed in partnership with the Scènes du Nord Alsace association as part of a three-year residency!




CoESIONI STUDENTS (aged 14 to 20) 

26 February to 2 March in Saverne

The training week ends with a public presentation of the work in the theatre and in the town. 



25 to 27 April in Wissembourg

For dance teachers. 3 days of immersion. 


Information and registration by email at



EZIO SCHIAVULLI - Contemporary dance, physical movement technique, choreographic composition laboratory 

CHRISTELLE DAUJEAN - Classical dance, repertoire laboratory

GABRIELE MONTARULI - Contemporary dance 

ALAIN EL SAKHAWI - Video dance, technique of capturing and editing choreographic movement