Pedagogy project and awareness raising actions

Ezio Schiavulli develops a pedagogical project towards a new movement technique: "Physical Movement", it experiments all the possibilities

of movement on the ground without any muscular force, a work on the weight given by the force of gravity, on the movement in spiral from the sagittal plane to the vertical one.

An elaboration of the body in space: an attentive focus on the positions of the supports of the hands and feet, the principles of the motor of movement.

Attention to the bone and muscle structure of the dynamic movement; the organic construction of physical movement.

Choreographic writing is the common thread, an evolution towards improvisation.

The construction of the form for the need ... from the technique to the expression.


- Daily courses for the Yvann Alexandre Company (France)

- Daily courses for the Lionel Hoche Company (France)

- Daily courses for the Compagnia Teatri del Vento (France)

- Daily courses for the Raande-vo Company (Sweden)

- Daily courses for the 2009 Venice Biennale (Italy)

- Daily courses for the RANDOM DANCE Company (Wayne McGregor - England)


- Semi-professional dancers in Cholet, Paris, Tournan-en-Brie, Savigny-le-Temple (France)

- Actors and Musicians in Cholet (France)

- Daily courses for professional dancers (France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland)

- Professional dancers at the Harmonic Studio, Paris

- Dancers in training at the Music Art & Show Academy in Milan.

- Professional dancers at the "Area Dance" center in Milan.

- Professional dancers at the "CIRA" center in Strasbourg.

- Professional dancers at the "MA.MA" center in Vicenza


- Preliminary workshops for children dance Educational Centers in Cholet and Savigny-le-Temple (France),

- Ateliers "Space, Discovery of the Movement" for adults and adolescents in Savigny-le-Temple (France),

- Awareness raising in elementary, middle and high schools in Cholet et Tournan-en-Brie (France)

- Atelier for amateur dancers in the cities of Cholet, Savigny-le-Temple and Tournan-en-Brie

- Workshop for actors and musicians in Cholet (France)

- Workshop for professional dancers at the Harmonic Studio, Paris)


- Stage IN - Stage OFF annual training event (2011 and 2012) for amateur and professional dancers à Gravina in Puglia, Italy.

Photo: © Viviana Cavarra