creation 2012-2013

A choreographic reading of the novel by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt "when I was a work of art".

Clearly clear: the vision of a character transformed into a living puppet.

Being a "marionette" is transcribed in our social attitude, it distinguishes us but brings us back to the image of the automaton. A theatrical-choreographic meeting that covers human doubts and weaknesses, bringing us back to the consciousness of who we really are.

Texts: Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

"When I was a work of art"

Stage design: Ezio Schiavulli

Performers: Matthieu Dessertine and Ezio Schiavulli

Scenography: Natasha Abbattista

Creazioni Luci: JLB and Ezio Schiavulli

Duration: 60 Min

Creation co-producer:

City of Brie-Comte-Robert (France)

Le Safran theater in Brie-Comte-Robert (France)

the Expresso Forma association (France)

© Kiki Segarra