is a performance that comes from the union between live music and dance.

A return to the image of New Orleans in the 1950s where the casual encounter between "restless souls" gives life to great artistic universes.


The project aims to underline the sense of the impromptu and the unknown between artists (2 musicians and a dancer) who don't know each other and who as soon as they meet leave room for improvisation, and the creative process takes place before the eyes of the public.


The host venue team is an active part of the performance construction process. He has the role of choosing two musicians (1 percussive and 1 harmonic) and the dancer will be chosen by the same team through a "price list" correlated by a specific technical and descriptive sheet

of the performer in dance.


The type of musicians chosen can range from any musical universe (electronic, classical, traditional...), even the same musicians can belong to different languages.


General Concept: Ezio Schiavulli

duration: 60 mins


RiESCo association (Bari), Expresso Forma association (Strasbourg)