Creation of the company Ez3 sees a dancer and two drummers on stage.

The complicity of the trio boldly challenges the father-son relationship, between inheritance and the desire for emancipation. 

An exploration of the complexes of Oedipus and Telemachus, a path of study and research on a universal theme: that of the father-son relationship. It is a question that starts from the personal experience of the choreographer who tries to define the role and identity of the heir: "What legacy do fathers leave to their children? Heirs of an absence of values, perspectives and roots or future architects of new horizons that must be traced on the basis of the experience of the fathers? "


An immortal theme but above all appropriate and essential for contemporary society, jagged and confused, where the meaning of the word "Heir" oscillates, now as never before, between its two probable etymologies: "to be private-empty" and "the one who receives ". The creation establishes a strong parallel between the father-son relationship and the construction of social identity: rooting, uprooting and the question of origins.

musical creation Anne Paceo, Elvire Jouve, Dario De Filippo

performers Ezio Schiavulli, Dario De Filippo, Donato Manco, Elvire Jouve

lighting design Fabio Fornelli, Ezio Schiavulli

scenography Vincent Frossard

Benedicte Blaison costumes

technical direction Aurélien Boeglin

production manager Anne Bucher

communication manager Christine Laemmel

production of the Cultural Association Ri.E.S.Co. (choreographic research and development) (Bari - IT) Association Expresso Forma (Strasbourg - FR)

a European adventure ...


The creation of HERES: IN THE NAME OF THE SON benefited from the support of different networks and places:

Started in September 2020 at the Pole-Sud Choreographic Development Center in Strasbourg in the Program Commun project.

He went through Luxembourg at the 3CL Choreographic Center; Belgium at the Grand Studio in Brussels; Switzerland to l'Abri di Genève; Italy at the Cittadella degli Artisti in Molfetta, the NID Platform in Salerno and the Mercadante Theater in Altamura; In the Grand Est region of France: near Pole-Sud in Strasbourg, La Nef in Wissembourg, La Castine in Reichshoffen, Théâtre du Marché aux Grains in Bouxwiller, La Saline in Soultz-Sous-Forêts.


EVENTS 2022/23

20 July 2022 Festival Kulturraum Rosenhof Tegernau (Germany)

 8 October 2022 Festival Milano Oltre à Milan (Italie)

 14 October 2022 Visavi Gorizia Dance Festival Nova Gorizia (Slovenia) 

 29 October 2022 Festival FIND à Cagliari (Italie) 

 27 January 2023 Festival Décadanse à La Nef à Wissembourg (France)