elle s'emballe en balade.

(if you spend it walking)

creation 2010

Performance on board

An unusual character that goes beyond time. A journey through the four seasons of Vivaldi ... br> A playful moment that leads us to the memory of the Fellinian "Dolce Vita". A walk on a bike, in daily and unexpected spaces, among petals of daisies and grains of sugar ...

This character leads us by the hand into childish follies, light and full of surprises ..

An urban performance that aims at public places like school yards, hospitals and cultural places ...

The pièce, for the public of children and adults, is without any technical requirement, nor is it light or sound.

General conception: Ezio Schiavulli

Performer: Elena Ciavarella

Music: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi & Nino Rota

Duration: 15 to 60 mins possible

© Thierry Laroche