A journey through the labyrinthine thoughts of the human ...

Between phobias and hidden skeletons, in the obsession with letting fall, lack and absence ...

A nervous dance, posed, little human and twisted.

Peering through the play of lights what the mind brings to the extremity of the body. As the only door to the outside ... the apex of the eye.

A choreographic work conceived and realized as a "plastic work" that lets you observe at 360 degrees ...

General conception: Ezio Schiavulli & Michele Ardito

Choreography: Ezio Schiavulli in collaboration with the interpreter

Performer: Tiziana Vitto

Texts: Olivier Py & Michele Ardito

Lighting creation: Katy Longo

Musical creation: Elena Ciavarella & Julien Perret-Montoux

Costumes: Emmanuelle Lemaire

Duration: 60 Min

© Cecilia Cardoso Rodriguez