Animum Adverto

creation 2009

While waiting, angels occupy their earthly soul. As in a game they travel in a sacred space, supported by the voices of a choir. Sometimes they fall into a life, perceiving time as human beings, fragile and powerless ... Dancers, musicians and singers cross the space of the church, this sacred place, become "theatrical frame", maintaining an intimate relationship with the public: a magical distance . The creation was in collaboration with the Conseil Général de Seine-et-Marne department (France) the city of Tournanen-Brie, the Couperin music conservatory and the Maison des Arts et Loisirs de Tous de Tournan-en-Brie cultural center.

General conception / choreography: Ezio Schiavulli

Performers: Elena Ciavarella, Philippe Lebar, PhilipMesia, Marie Rual, Ezio Schiavulli, Akane Takasugi, Nathalie Tibay

Music: Johann-Sebastian Bach Performed by the Lyrical Choir of the Couperin Conservatory, Regine Orlik (mezzo soprano), Divine Delalande (cello), Marie Canini (oboe), Marie-Jeanne Gillot (Organ)

Directed by: Julien Perret-Montoux

Texts: Michele Ardito & Ezio Schiavulli

Costumes: Emmanuelle Lemaire

Duration: 45 Min